Phaedro's Funeral

Phaedro, charismatic singer from Berlin, founded the band in 1999 with the weired idea to have a cheerful band playing on his own funeral.
So the good atmosphere would be guaranteed and no depressed band would destroy it.
15 years later, Phaedro is still around.
He found his fellow countrymen a bit to serious and therefor recruited his new musicians from France, a country well known for its good spirit.
And where obviously the best accordionplayers can be found.

Okay, this one is more the armenian type ... but what a talent!
Not to forget about the mariachi-trombonist and the polish drummer!

A megaphone in his hand and confetti in his hair, Phaedro sings in German, English, French and Czech.
Borrowing from the Blues, Java, Rock 'n Roll and Circus Music, the songs from this german Tom Waits reflect the darkness and joy, the seriousness and frivolity of life.

Phaedro: Voice, Saxophone, Bagpipes
Sevane Stepanian : Accordion, Voice
François Roche Juarez : Guitar , Trombone , Voice
Frédéric Birau Maliszewski : Drums, Voice
Impressum und Haftungsausschluss